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REVIEW by Andrew Craig (CBC) 

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Donné Roberts is a passionate performer.  When he hits the stage he carries with him an energy that immediately exhilarates the crowd - even if they've never heard his music before.  Donné performs mainly in Malagasy his mother tongue from his birthplace of Madagascar. 

Yet this never proves to be a barrier to the audience, providing living proof that music truly does transcend language.



REVIEW by John Goddard (Toronto Star)

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Hear this: An African pow-wow

North American pow-wow singing reminds Donné Roberts of songs he heard growing up in Madagascar, the island nation off southeast Africa.



 ARTICLE by Jonny Dovercourt (Wavelength Music Series) 

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A lot of people missed Donne Roberts’ Wavelength debut last May, and that was too bad, since the guitarist and his band took us all to school.



ARICLE by Vish Khanna (Wavelength Music Series)

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 The lone act of the night devoid of signifiers like "indie" and "punk rock," Donné Roberts was invigorating. The prolific and eclectic musician presented a unique amalgam of funk and calypso that had an unsuspecting audience swaying in appreciation of his Afro-tinged, multicultural musical stew.

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